Ultimate Home Theater System Idea

by | Jan 4, 2013 | Tips & Ideas

Gone IKEA Crazy: Johan’s Ultimate Home Theater Hack

Ever wonder what it’d be like to take a bunch of IKEA LACK components, get hack-crazy, and build the greatest home theater you can imagine? Well, that’s pretty much what Johan from Sweden has done, and my has he outdone himself. Come join us in sheer admiration as we witness his surgically perfected home theater, courtesy of our fancy in-line gallery.So, where do we start? Brands-wise, we’re looking at Castle, Infinity, Focal, and Audio Vector – all mainly European brands, but some can be found over here if you look hard enough. Everywhere you look, there’s an infusion of personal detail. From the decals on the walls to the modern lighting choices, nothing is ignored and everything seems updated to an almost exaggerated extent. Not a bad thing, really, but man – just look at that DVD collection! Let’s just hope there are no earthquakes in his area…
Source from apartmenttherapy.com

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