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Tips for Buying a Quality Sofa Bed

by | Dec 3, 2012 | Furniture

You can turn any room into a bedroom or guest room by putting a quality sofa bed there. A sofa bed by any name – sleeper, sleeper sofas, sleep sofa, is one of the most versatile and hard working pieces of furniture you could own. It has come a long way from being the uncomfortable, insomnia inducing nightmare it used to be. As a matter of fact, now a sofa bed can claim to be as comfortable as a regular bed.

When shopping for a sofa bed, for a it helps to remember that it will most often be primarily used as seating. So, it makes sense to look for the same features you would in a regular sofa,such as a design that fits your needs and style preferences. The only difference is that you will be looking for a comfortable mattress and efficient operating mechanism as well.

Buy a Hardwood Frame

The strongest and most durable frames for any type of sofa, including sofa beds, are those made of kiln-dried hardwood or a combination of kiln-dried hardwood and furniture-grade ply woods. Avoid buying frames made of softer woods such as pine.

Look for a Good Quality Open and Close Mechanism

Sleepers should lift up and out in one smooth motion without squeaking or sticking. Look for units designed with a lock-down bar to ensure proper closure as well as easy opening. Make sure the opening mechanism will not break or become loose easily.

Feel for Smooth Edges on All Inner Mechanisms

All parts of a sofa bed’s inner mechanism should have smooth edges so that sheets and blankets don’t catch and rip. However, even with the best operating mechanisms, it’s always a good idea to remove sheets and blankets before closing the unit.

Check Mattress for Quality

A quality mattress makes for a good night’s sleep and will comfortably support the body at the shoulders, hips and lower back. A thicker mattress is not necessarily better, as a thinner, better constructed one might offer better support. You can also consider using a comfortable mattress pad on top when you use the sofa bed for sleeping.

Test it

It’s always a good idea to test your sofa bed before you buy it. Try opening and closing it. It should be easy to operate, and you shouldn’t have to strain to open it. Open it and lie down to see how the mattress feels.

Measure it

Make sure you measure your sofa bed before you commit to buying. Always find out what the measurements will be after you open it. Remember that it needs as much room as a bed or more when fully opened. If you place any pieces of furniture in front of it, see to it that they are light and easy to move so that you can easily move them out of the way before opening it.

Source from furniture.about.com

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