Top 10 Hi-Fi & Streaming for your home

by | Sep 26, 2014 | Accessories

Sonos Play:1


The cheapest ever Sonos player sounds so good it might just kill the rest of the range

Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6


Team this streamer up with a Cambridge Audio amp and you’ve got a very strong, modern take on the classic hi-fi system

Naim UnitiQute 2

Naim UnitiQute 2

Proper hi-fi meets Wi-Fi in an all-in-one of small stature and big ability

Bowers & Wilkins Z2


The successor to B&W’s Zeppelin Mini is just as stylish but rocks the new Lightning connector for iPhone 5 fun and frolics

Denon CEOL Piccolo


Zero CD drive on a micro system? We can live with that – especially given the Piccolo’s support for almost any digital tuneage

Philips Fidelio SoundSphere DS9800W

Want compact dock convenience and the immersive sound of a ‘proper’ pair of speakers? Check out these Fidelio beauties

Libratone Zipp


Tired of tripping over snaking cables? Try this attention-seeking AirPlay boomer on for size



Beach, park, hotel – Sony’s budget Bluetooth speaker wants you to swing it wherever you wander

Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200


This follow-up to Cambridge Audio’s tasty wireless speaker, the Minx Air 100, is even more ear-lickingly impressive

Sony NWZ-ZX1 High-Resolution Walkman


Sony reckons the way to resurrect the MP3 player is to ditch MP3s and go all high-end and high-res. Your ears will love it, but your wallet less so




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