Sunken Lounge room: A contemporary piece for your new home

by | Jul 22, 2020 | Furniture, Living Room

The conversation pit built in the 1950s by Bruce Goff is brought back today, this trendy sunken lounge room idea is being taken over in 2020. It comes in both indoor and outdoor designs. This spot adds a spacious and inviting tone to your house and comes in a variety of designs to choose from.

Sunken Room Designs

A modern yet cozy design, this mid-century/industrial living room ties up the lounge area and dining area and make it really inviting. This lounge room design elevates the whole room and makes it spacious than before and the sunlight gives life to the living room. As seen in the picture the wall length is pretty short but with the sunken lounge included, it transforms the whole space into another level.

If you’re into open concept homes then this is a must-try for you. The leather couch, granite flooring, and glass windows contribute to the total look of this minimalist space. If you are searching for a way of utilizing a corner of a room then give this circular lounge a go! This circular design is much different than an ordinary sunken lounge room and is definitely the centerpiece of the room. Moreover, the white ceiling evokes a sense of openness too.

A nice place to just sit down and relax with a breathtaking view of your yard. This outdoor lounge design is just a phenomenal spot to have some friends over and chill. The fireplace, wooden flooring, and the led lights add a ravishing touch to complete the look. In this instance there’s no need to worry about the height levels since there are no walls or a ceiling, therefore the feeling of openness can be easily achieved by this outdoor lounge idea.

Looking for something extra, try this chic living room design. The reality of this design is that it is accessible and functional than other lounge rooms. The antique coffee table, throw pillows, carpet makes the area suitable for comfortable seating and the plants around the couch make it even more welcoming and pleasant to look.

It’s the living room where your visitors make the first impression and where you and your family are in a comfortable and cozy space so it’s crucial for it to look appealing to the eye. The idea of the sunken living room is very tricky since the style is kind of old but it comes with a bright side since they can easily make the room feel more spacious and introduces more character. So if you are looking for a way to spice up your living room try one of these sunken lounge room designs.

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