Space saving sofas & beds – Interior Design Ideas

by | Dec 6, 2012 | TIPS ON VIDEOS

Do you have a small space in your home? Let’s just say you have a 2 bedroom apartment for you and for your kids. One fine rainy day your aunt decided that she needs to visit you and spend the weekend. We Sri Lankans, what do we do? we give our beds to the guest and lay out a bed-sheet on the floor and we happily go to sleep..right no?

Aney…Does it have to be like that? Why not have a beautiful 2 or 3 seater sofa-bed just like what’s in this video in your living-room. in this way you will get sitting+sleeping. You can even call the damn neighbor to come and sleep once in a while in your living-room(JUST KIDDING…DON’T DO THAT!)

So where can you find sofa-beds? There are few shops in Battaramulla, they’ve got few affordable (like 25K to 30K) sofa-beds and good onces too. But if you look for fancy ones, there are many in galle road.

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