Why you should buy this website?

This website is all about HOMES and TOPICS related to HOMES. You will find a huge database of articles and pictures, regarding HOMES. Some of the topics are:
– How to interior your home
– Furniture Ideas and arranging
– Home Gardening and what not to have
– Plumbing ideas
– Painting Ideas
– Ideas before you build your home
– Home Appliances
– Tips and Ideas on Video
– And many other topics (Please visit the site)

What benefits you will get from this website?

This site can make money for you. You need to spend time on the site and keep on update and contact clients, so they can benefit too. I will give you few ideas on how to do sales for the topics above:
– How to interior your home
(Get advertisements from Interior Designers)
Let’s say you managed to get 10 advertisements per month – Rs.1000×10 = Rs. 10,000

– Furniture Ideas and arranging
Get advertisements from Furniture companies, fabric companies etc.)
Let’s say you managed to get 5 advertisements per month – Rs.1000×5 = Rs. 5,000

– Home Gardening and what not to have
Get Advertisements from landscapers, pavement stone companies, garden furniture companies, garden light companies etc)
Let’s say you managed to get 10 advertisements per month Rs.1000×10 = Rs.10,000

So that’s like Rs.25,000 per month if you sell an advertisement for Rs.1000/-. Imagine all the other areas this site is giving… like Bathroom Fitting Companies, Painting Companies, Painters, Architectures, Construction Companies, Home Appliance Companies etc.

Why should anyone advertise on this website?

– Because this website gets hundreds of visitors daily, this can be turn into thousands very easily.
– All the visitors from the website and facebook page are home lovers. These visitors come only to find details about homes and this is direct advertising for someone who wants to advertise about their product.
The Big Picture!
Say you have enough money or maybe you can find a good sponsor! Why not start a yearly Exhibition?
– Invite for Stalls
– Event sponsors
– Live Demos on Appliances
– And many other ideas what exhibitors do…
These are all just a few ideas, if you can build a team, opportunities will galore!

If you can find the time to make this site a success you will make a fortune by just staying home. All you need is a telephone number and few help at home to start it.

– I have done most of the hard work for you.
– I have built the site
– Gathered all information
– Made the site comes on first page in google (Type Home Décor Sri Lanka, Interior Design Sri Lanka)
– Made the site supported all devices(phones and tabs)
– Registered a Wonderful name
– Great Hosting
If you’re interested let me know, I’m willing to come down and give you a tutor on how to operate this whole business. If you’re planning to have your own business or if you’re planning to shine…

This is your Chance! Email Me Now! nivasa.lk@gmail.com or request my number to have a chat.