Moving to a New House? Here are few Tips!

by | Nov 27, 2012 | Tips & Ideas

1. Make a List of Household goods / office equipment .
Make a list of all goods that you have in your house/ office
2. Decide What Is Moving?
Decide which items you want to take to your new place, and which items you wish to sell , donate or just going to stay in your old house / office
3. What To Pack? Who is going to pack?
Now it’s time to start the packing process. Make a list of items that you need to pack, and then decide whether you pack yourself or hand over to the Mover. If you are going to hand over the packing to the Mover, call Us and obtain a quotation for Packing, Loading, Transportation and unloading ( Full Service)
4. How to Pack Household goods / office equipment Yourself?
If you are packing make sure that the items you are going to pack do not contain oil, fuel or thinner. Clean the items before you pack them inside the boxes

  • Set aside items you will need until the last moment, such as cleaning supplies, children’s toys, bedding and food.
  • Figure out what supplies you’ll need, such as boxes (2×1.5x1feet), tapes, marking pens, scissors and cushioning material such as wood rule / bubble wrap
  • Repack items such as computers, TVs and other electronics in their original boxes with original packing material, if possible
  • Label boxes on more than one side, including both the box’s contents and the room in which it belongs. And identify contents: “Bed Sheets, Master Bed Room.”/ “Files, Marketing Manager” etc.
  • Pack fragile items separately and write”↑↑ FRAGILE ↑↑ ” on the box
  • Pack books in small boxes (1.5x1x1feet); they’re heavier than you’d think!
  • Roll up carpets and rugs and tie them securely.
  • Pack bedding last; use as much as you can for cushioning.
  • Check the basement, the garage, and outdoors for items you might have overlooked.
  • Store, sell, donate or dispose anything you aren’t taking with you.

5. How to Move a Refrigerator?

  • Un-Plug refrigerator at least 3 hours prior to moving. Manual defrost refrigerators are better to be defrosted and dried before moving.
  • Don’t move a refrigerator with its contents, always transport the contents separately
  • Always move refrigerator Upright. Avoid laying a refrigerator on its side. (The oil in the compressor can flow into the cooling lines when the refrigerator is slanted onto its side)
  • When you have the refrigerator in place at its new location, leave it for 6 hours before plugging it in


6. Items to be handled with special Care

Household – Grand Piano, Baby Grand Piano, Upright Piano , Grand farther Clock, 3 or 4 Door Wardrobes Valuable Picture Frames, Crystal Items etc .

Office Equipment – Iron Safes, Fire Proof Filling Cabinets, Computer Systems, Heavy UPS’s, Generators Heavy and Valuable Machinery Etc

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