Decorating your home for New Year’s eve party

by | Dec 29, 2012 | Seasonal

It is that time of the year again when you are ready to bid farewell to the memorable present year and ring in the New Year with parties and celebrations. Set the stage with the glitz and glam for the New Year’s Eve with our spectacular decoration ideas.

Theme it up – Complementing your party with the right party theme will create the right mood for the occasion and add an extra sparkle to your event! From a single color theme to retro style décor, take your pick to add a flavor of excitement.

Time it right – Make sure you display the exact and the right time on your wall. Select one of the best clock pieces matching it up with your wall decor.

Decorate your party – Create a stylish party atmosphere using all sorts of lights, funky designer candles, and a contemporary decor. You can fill the vases and bowls with ornamental balls, mini disco balls and colorful gems that come in many shapes. Hang shining bright stars with dim room lights to create a soothing party flavor.

Celebration Buffet – You can create an area where guests can dress up in party hats, feather boas, costume beads and noisemakers. Stack up all these glittery items in rows. Confetti poppers, different styles of noisemakers and horn blowers can be filled in bowls and containers.

Silver Christmas Tree – Do not forget to include a silver Christmas tree to add that New Year flair in your party. Dress it up with bright colors like blue, purple and red along with shiny ornaments and festive hat on top.

Pop the cork for Countdown Toast – For a fun twist on the New Year’s Eve countdown Champagne is necessary on New Year’s Eve. Pass on the toast in wineglasses and champagne flutes. You can borrow it or can buy cheap additional sets from discounted stores. You can choose to string the wineglass with beads or decorative ornaments.

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