Creative Painting Ideas for your Home

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Edgy Urban Oasis

Charcoal gray walls set the stage in this HGTV Green Home 2011 living room design. Complemented by pineapple yellow and soft white accessories, this living room space makes the perfect urban oasis. When choosing to work with a darker paint palette, try pairing them with brighter colors to create an edgy look that’s still inviting.


A Brilliant Backdrop

When applied correctly, crisp white can make for a brilliant backdrop. When used heavily throughout a space, white will define and bring out the space’s architectural features while allowing the decor to speak for itself. In this high-styled kitchen, crisp white walls are contrasted beautifully with dark wood floors, a ruby-red Caesarstone countertop and white Shaker-style cabinetry. The result is a stylish traditional kitchen.


Bold and Beautiful

This bedroom design from HGTV Green Home 2009 is both bold and beautiful, with a palette of bright orange walls, hot-pink furnishings and off-white detailing. By using richer tones instead of pastels, the bedroom decor instantly becomes more mature, allowing it to be a space any girl would be happy to grow up in.


Cool and Calming Blues

Cool blues are known to exude a sense of calm making them the perfect paint choice for relaxing spaces. In the tower featured in HGTV Green Home 2010, white walls frame the breathtaking views of the surrounding woodlands, while cool colored ceilings evoke the feeling of being under light blue skies.


Vibrant Verticals

Painted stripes can add depth to a space while also providing a compelling focal point. In this foyer, a focal wall is created around a bright orange and white striped wall that’s matched with upholstered seating. For added character and drama, a fun leopard print patterned pillow was elegantly placed in the mix.


Casual Stripes

Horizontal stripes work well in more casual spaces and can trick the eye by making the room appear wider with a lower ceiling. In this sitting area, a melon paint color — sharply contrasted with white — is used to create a bright and airy sitting room. Long drapes and layered fabrics make this plush sitting area the perfect place to lounge.


The Perfect Pair

Pair your newly painted walls with glass or ceramic tiles to create a beautiful focal point in any space. When choosing a paint color, try and match it with similar shades found in the tile for a cohesive and unified look. In this hotel-inspired suite, chili pepper, turquoise blue and white tiles contrast nicely against the simmering red wall. The result is a relaxing suite that exhibits an urban flair.


Twice as Bold

Painting with vibrant colors always makes interior decorating and renovating more exciting. The use of bold colors can be especially attractive in children’s rooms. In this space, a vibrant aqua and rustic orange is paired to create a playful kids’ room with decor that connects to its desert location.

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