8 Stylish Wire & Cable Organization Ideas

by | Dec 23, 2013 | Tips & Ideas

As this is office month here on the Curb, we’ve decided it was time to subdue the wire & cable beast.  We’re not using swords, whips or potions to do it either. Nope, we’re using our smarts. Our DIY (Do It Yourself) smarts, that is.


This AT-AT cable/socket box is actually a DIY kit. You can snag it at Brando for 43 bucks, but I think a clever DIYer could knock one out with some balsa wood.


Remember this TP roll extension cord holder It’s as clever as ever!


Speaking of TP rolls, berserk on Instructables used 18 of them for this cable organization box. It’s not the prettiest we’ve seen, but it certainly does a brilliant job!


This charging station from Country Living is not only decorative but it’s roomy enough to hold a power strip too.


Here’s a super simple and practically free idea. Yup, those are metal binder clips!


Another simple and free is this idea.


Saw this Instructable and decided to take it a step further by incorporating individual switches in a DIY charging box made out of an Ikea storage box.


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