What is one great way to finish off any room? Window treatments. When it comes to windows, the world seems divided into those that choose treatments based on function over form and vice versa. For example, in contemporary homes blinds are clean and simple and block out the sun’s rays. In more traditional homes draperies enhance the overall interior design of the spaces but also keep in heat. But window dressings can also accentuate a rooms view, add an unexpected design element or can become a rooms focal point.

Windows are your opportunity to put a new twist on old ideas or a place to mix and match different kinds of treatments no matter your style. Try Roman Shades in modern spaces or use blinds in a traditional space.

Also don’t be afraid to use more than one kind of treatment whether it is on the same window or in the same room. Just like mixing and matching furniture styles, you can do the same with your window treatments. Check out some of my favorites.

I love the pattern on the window treatment fabric. it’s an unexpected addition to the room and breaks up the monochromatic color scheme.
The modern, functional convenience of blinds is great but the drapery fabric helps maintain the traditional look and feel. Draperies do not have to fully functional either. Here the dummy drapes help pull the eye vertical accenting the ceiling height.
The combination of white sheers with pink drapery panels is a great idea. It’s a great update to the traditional use of drapery. The unpleated panels re-enforces the contemporary drapery.


We would consider the natural twig blinds to be rustic by themselves and be found in a lodge setting. But using them in a modern/contemporary setting like this brings texture and an unexpected element to a style known for its clean and sleek finishes.
The window treatments here help frame the external view and draw the eye to the vertical height of the ceiling. In this contemporary inteior the traditionally pleated panels mixes well with the overall design.
Think outside the box. I love the combination of the floor to ceiling sheer drapery for the sliding glass door and the natural twig blinds for the other windows.
The wooden blinds tie in well with the headboard and are functional as well. The drapery helps soften the hardlines of the room and draws your eye up.
The unexpected use of traditional plantation shutters in a modern home office adds a great detail to this loft space. The white casing draws your eye to the view of the bridge beyond.


I love the vertical stripes of the roman shades. The bold pattern of the window treatment fabrics is a great offset to the sold colors of the rug and the sofa.
The unusual mix of fabrics for the draperies is unique. This otherwise traditional room is somewhat updated with the alternating drapery panels. Not for everyone but it’s truly unexpected.
Hard to detect, but the treatments shown are a combination of two different ones: white sheers and roll-up solar shades. The solar shades keep out sunlight when open but when closed disappear giving a clear view of the exterior.
Source from houzz.com