Bookshelf Styling:Tips and ideas

by | Jul 15, 2020 | Tips & Ideas

Dull looking bookshelves,here’s some key elements of styling your bookshelves.

1.Color Scheme

Whether it’s monochromatic or other colors with a mix of neutral or metal pieces, make sure to complement the elements with each-other by a properly planned color scheme.Adding a color scheme adds contrast and gives a clean look to your bookshelf.

2.Book Placements

Try horizontal and vertical placings, mess around with placements until you find the right one.Add some book ends or stack objects on top of the books to differentiate it from other shelves

3.Choose an accent

Step up your styling game by adding a pop of color with some brass, copper or wooden pieces.


Consider varying heights,Add large items like frames and baskets and work your way through with  smaller decoratives. Maximize the use of the baskets by throwing in some blankets or pillows.

5.Add texture

Plants are a great way of making any space aesthetically pleasing and cozy. Geodes,driftwood, Himalayan crystals are some alternative options for texture.






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